Delivering the best possible web experience to our users may require collection of the following information. Information collected by this website is stored in the cloud and is not intentionally provided to any 3rd party. Telecommunications, telecom, facilitates communication. Telecom shares data by design. Do not communicate secrets.

Authentication Subsystem

Select sections of this website require users to authenticate, or sign in. A user account is created upon signin. In case of oAuth, or social media signin, the only information that this website recieves is a token indicating that you are the owner of the social media account which you used to sign in with. This website has no other access to and makes no effort to view your social media profile, activity, or data. Social media sign is is preferred as users do not require a password dedicated to this site. This website gets a unique token and that is all.

Email based sign in is provided as an alternative to social media signin. Email based accounts are validated in that a verification link must be clicked from the users email in order to complete account creation. Email addresses are not intentionally shared with any 3rd parties.

The following information may be collected by this website: