Ron Royston
Ron Royston
A father, philosophy graduate of Tulane University, Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE# 6824), and USPA Master Skydiver (D# 20776). Enthusiastic about telecomputing since 1999.

Firebase Auth UI + MDC-Web

Firebase Auth user interface with Google Material Components.


HTML Snippet Adds Google, Facebook, Twitter and Comments.


IntREST aims to bring Cisco's RESTful API to a Web page.

Blogger API Snippet

Fetch Blogger posts with the Google API JavaScript Client Library.

Eventbrite API Snippet

Bare bones Eventbrite API JS integration snippet

MDL Audio Player

Cross Device/Broswer Audio Player w MDL Interface

Deploy CSR1000v on AWS EC2

A guide to deploying Cisco CSR1000v on an Amazon Web Services EC2 Instance.


Generate a UTC Timestamp by providing location, date, and time.


JavaScript Immediately-Invoked Function Expression adds comma delimiters to numbers typed in to a text area or input.


Basically it increments letters like the column ID's of an Excel spreadsheet.

Rio Olympics Relative Results

Live Sortable Chart of Rio Olympics 2016 Medal Counts Showing Results Relative to Country Population.

Firebase Sandbox

Invoke Firebase v3 methods for learning and testing purposes from a graphical user interface (GUI)!

Firebase Auth Demo Code

Demo code hereopen_in_new. Sign in with Facebook, Github, Google, Twitter, password based, and anonymous accounts.


Click the character and get its HTML code.

MDL Swatch

Click the color for RGB, Hex, and MDL codes.


Easy to use, simple, intuitive datetime tools. 2.39KB minified. One file.


Pluralizer (5.48 KB) returns the plural form of item name if quantity is 2 or more. Sweet!


An HTML5 boilerplate with comments and references. A ready-made starting point.


A public service web app for mobile devices. Find today's AA meetings. Try me on a mobile screen.


Add custom controls to Google Maps with ease. IntelliSense positioning.


A dynamic Gantt chart, macro free, nested native Excel functions applied to conditional formatting.


AJAX call to Google's Distance Matrix API with the MSXML6.0 Library. Use =miles("new orleans", 90210).
MDL Dialog